Manufacturing and quality

We place great importance on product quality. Even the most demanding customers find pleasure in our furniture.

We only use up-to-date equipment and experienced employees when creating beautiful, comfortable and practical furniture solutions. We register every manufacturing stage so that in the event of a problem, we will be able to determine the exact reason and prevent the same mistake from reoccurring.

We are also able to successfully fill large orders, thereby allowing customer to be more flexible when organising campaigns.

How our products are made

Reliable suppliers

We take extra care when selecting suppliers for the materials we use. This way we can be absolutely sure of the quality of their products.

Our five-member development team is constantly working on new models and testing new materials.

We are able to offer different cushion and cover options according to the customer’s preference.

We manufacture the frameworks of our furniture ourselves

By manufacturing our sofas from start to finish, we are able to keep a close eye on the quality of the raw material and the final product. We only use solid wood and plywood for the frameworks to make sure that the furniture is long-lasting and durable.

We feel it is extremely important to make sure that the raw material we use originates from a well-managed forest and has been obtained legally.

Selco panel saw

We use the Selco EB-70L CNC panel saw to cut out wood details, which ensures high productivity and consistent quality of the details.

The Selco saw also allows us to quickly increase our production output when required.

CNC machine

Our working device is the Biesse Rover CNC machine, which is known for its accuracy, quality and high productivity.

With this device we can cut out different shapes from the material and give our designers and technicians more room to play around when developing new products.

The accuracy level of the details in turn speeds up the manufacturing process.

Wide choice of cover materials available in stock

We maintain a wide range of fabrics and leathers in stock to provide faster service.

Our selection comprises altogether hundreds of fabrics. Our fabric selection includes fabrics that are easy to wash and clean, durable fabrics and fade resistant fabrics.

We offer full leather solutions as well as combinations with faux leather.

Modern textile cutting machines

We use Lectra Topspin machine to ensure consistent quality even when we combine different outer fabrics in one model.

For cutting multilayered textiles and cotton batting we use the Vector 5000.


Modern leather cutting machines

We use the accurate and reliable ZÜND 2XL30 0173 machine with Parmel software to cut leather.

The machine operates in three stages to make the work process faster: preparation, cutting and off-loading.

Product development