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Visit our factory store SOHVA OUTLET.
Address: Pärnu mnt 186, Tallinn, Estonia.
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10.00-19.00
Sat: 10.00-16.00
Sun: closed

Call us: +372 603 2121 or write us an e-mail: if You have any questions abot our products.

Several models in our selection can be purchased with pocket springs, feather filling or cold molded foam.

You can find these models by using these icons:

Pouf, metal legs
Venice corner sofa
Proto corner sofa, wooden legs
Sabrina 2,5- seat sofa
Eden corner sofa, gray
Marta corner sofa, white
Diana corner sofa, gray
Jazz pouf, gray
Estelle Grande armchair
Estelle 2,5- seats sofa
Sofa 2,5- seats, recliner
Proto sofa
Viola armchair
Viola 2,5- seat sofa
Piano 2,5- seat sofa
Polo XL sofa bed, right corner
Adria 2,5- seat sofa
Polo 3XL sofa bed, left corner
Polo XL sofa bed
Grande armchair
Lincoln 3- seat sofa, curved
Lisa 2- seat sofa
Agnes 2- seat sofa bed
Eden Grande sofa
Sofa, floral
Vivian corner sofa
Helene pouf, white leather
Molly pouf
Eden pouf
Rose pouf, round
Erika cornersofa, gray
Ulrika 2-seat sofa
Grace armchair-bed
Adria sofa, red
Lisa 2-seat sofa, floral
Manhattan corner sofa bed
Robin 3-seat sofa
Lisa 3-seat sofa, gray
Emma recliner
Marta 2-seat sofa
Sara armchair
Diana cornersofa
Living corner sofa
Helene pouf
Emma corner sofa
Helene corner sofa, light blue
Anita sofa
Lena 2-seat bed sofa
Cecilia sofa
Adele sofa and armchair
2,5 – seat sofa and armchair
Helene corner sofa
Leo sofa bed
Lincoln 3- seat sofa
Lincoln armchair and pouf
Lincoln Grande armchair and pouf
Eden armchair
Anne armchair
Linda armchair
Helene corner sofa
Lisa armchair
Helene 105 modular sofa
Helene corner sofa
Lisbed recliner
Luna chair and pouf
Malibu sofa and armchair
Malin armchair
Friia sofa
Manchester corner sofa with bed mechanism
Betty armchair
Carol corner sofa
Brenda recliner with motor
Carol Relax chair and pouf
Melanie armchair
Bruno chair and pouf
Oval glass coffee table
Ingrid sofa
Paula sofa and armchair
Perla 2-seat sofa
Polo corner bed sofa 3XL
Polo corner bed sofa Smart
Proto corner sofa, metal legs
Rectangular glass coffee table
Robin corner sofa
Rootsi recliner
Rose corner sofa
Rose corner sofa with bed mechanism, gray
Sabrina sofa
Sevilla sofa
Ramona sofa
Solana corner sofa
Armchair bed
Triangular glass coffee table
Vienna sofa, purple
Vienna armchair, light gray

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