Product development

We take great pride in our original product solutions, which comply with the needs of the market.

Our furniture is sold in a number of different countries, which makes the needs as well as design and style preferences of different markets an interesting challenge for our product designers. Our sales numbers and positive feedback from distributors confirm customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a way to make your product range stand out, be sure to contact us!

The road to new models

Cooperation with long-time customers

We prioritise customer satisfaction. That is why we are always asking for feedback and proposals to further improve our furniture.

Ermatiko greatly appreciates special requests and solutions from major customers. Jointly developed solutions benefit both parties as they enable the furniture to stand out and offer something different.


We usually take our products to 3 to 5 fairs every year. We use fairs to showcase new items. Fairs also provide us with important feedback on our current solutions as well as information about market needs. There are always solutions that no one is providing, but which customers might enjoy.

Visiting fairs in our field of activity helps us keep a tab on various details and up-to-date solutions. This way we can always follow the needs of our customers.

Experienced designers and competent technicians

Our designers have excellent taste and knowledge of current as well as future trends. They have the necessary skills to turn customers’ demands into beautifully functional items.

Our technicians have more than 40 years of upholstery experience. This means that the development of every new solution is thoroughly planned to arrive at the best possible solution for the designers’ vision.

Manufacturing and quality